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When thinking about a hair tattoo you may picture a big piece of art across the scalp, but that is not the case. Hair tattoos have progressed drastically over the years and have vastly become the world’s leading hair loss solution. A hair tattoo is where a microneedle implants pigment into the scalp to create microdots, these dots replicate the look of hair follicles. For example, if you have almost complete hair loss of the scalp, a hair tattoo can create the look of a full head of completely cropped hair, which also restores the hairline, rebuilding our client’s confidence and self-esteem. Hair tattoos should only be performed by highly trained and experienced hair tattoo artists.

How can it

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Although it is something we never want to think about, millions of men and women worldwide are suffering with hair loss every day. There are so many reasons this could be, such as pattern baldness, alopecia, medications or even scalp scarring. Hair loss does not just mean balding or receding, it is also thinning. There is unfortunately no cure for unexpected and sudden hair loss such as alopecia and pattern baldness, but a hair tattoo is a solution that can rebuild your confidence.

For those suffering with full hair loss, they can have their full scalp treated creating a ‘buzz cut’ look as mentioned above, but what about those with partial hair loss, thinning or scarring?

The process is the same for all hair loss, pigment is implanted into the scalp to mimic hair follicles. The area that is treated is just the area of the scalp that is suffering hair loss or thinning, the hair tattoo is done in between the existing hairs to reduce the contrast between the hair and scalp, to create a thicker and fuller head of hair. For patched hair loss or scarring the pigment is implanted in the area and then around the area to blend with the existing hair follicles and almost completely camouflage the hair loss. The look is created over 2 to 3 sessions which helps the artist plan, permits healing between sessions, and allows better comfort for the client.  By being done gradually it often is not even noticed, meaning it can be your secret!

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