SMP for Men

Men make up most hair loss clients. While the causes of hair loss are varied, it is believed to be passed on from generation to generation and is due mainly to hormones.  It is not uncommon for a young man to begin losing his hair in his teen years and be entirely bald by his mid to late twenties.  In other cases, hair does not begin to thin until later in life and will not necessarily result in full baldness.

It is not always the absence of hair that brings clients in as much as it is either the patchiness of partial baldness or the visibility of the scalp.  Using an advanced tattoo technique known as pointillism, a scalp micropigmentation artist replicates the appearance of hair using all-natural pigments in varying hues to create depth and dimension.

How can it

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Scalp Micropigmentation has become the most realistic, safe, long lasting, and cost-effective remedy to hair loss.  Scalp Micropigmentation creates the illusion of a shaved head, sometimes called a “buzz cut”.  Performed by a highly trained and experienced SMP artist, tiny tattoos to mimic a hair follicle or short hair growth are created on the skin of the scalp. Clients may elect a tidy look of a just-cut look, or one that shows a just a small amount of stubble.  With all-natural pigments and advanced tattoo techniques the artist gradually deposits the ink, one follicle at a time, to achieve dimension and realism.  The look is created over 2 to 3 sessions which helps the artist plan, permits healing between sessions, and allows better comfort for the client.  By being done gradually it often is not even noticed, meaning it can be your secret!

During your consultation, the artist will design a hairline in keeping with your bone structure and contours while also staying true to your original hair growth pattern. When the full treatment is complete the client can expect the treatment to last 3 to 5 years. After this period the treatment will being to fade. This can be restored with a simple top up session.

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