SMP for Women

Hair loss for women is much less common than for men, affecting less than 7 percent of women worldwide.  As with men, causes are often hormonal and with age many women experience a receding hairline after or during mid life.  Women experience a lot of hormonal upheaval in their lives such as during pregnancy and the menopause, though stress and medications which disrupt hormones can also lead to some hair loss.   Sometimes hair loss is due to maintenance of the hair itself—repeated chemical processing, sensitivity to hair care products and the pulling on the hair as is often seen after years of rows and plaits.

Many cases of hair loss in women are temporary.  If the cause is traced and addressed, often the hair will return.  There is frequently no way to know if the hair will re-grow, or even how long it will take.  In the meantime, however, scalp micropigmentation presents and the best and safest solution.  

How can it

Help you?

One of the best ways in which scalp micropigmentation can help women is to build density and dimension on the areas of the scalp where hair is absent or becoming so.  Women can keep their long hair and when strategically styled the thin areas are barely perceptible.  This is done by creating tattooed hair follicles in the area in a hue that matches the client’s current hair colour. The amount of density is decided between client and artist. 

In cases of full head baldness, scalp micropigmentation has, just as for men, provided the same solution of the appearance of a shaved scalp—a look made popular by many actresses, super-models, and high-profile figures.   With the perfect hairline and precise density, a women’s best facial features can be enhanced with SMP.

Wigs can limit one’s lifestyle.  Hair loss medication such as Rogaine™ is an expensive and long-term commitment.  SMP offers the most reliable and realistic way to address hair loss in women.  At Scalp Image we strive to help a woman make peace with her experience, helping to restore confidence in her fashionable look.

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